I searched them and nothing came up except a couple people searching for tabs to Meric Long's rediculous fingerpicking lines.

So yeah, I saw them live October 12th at the First Unitarian Church in Philly, and they were amazing (though I think Meric's jeans were a bit too tight).

So talk about anything that has to do with Dodos. What are your favorite songs? Least favorite? Do you like Meric's earlier solo stuff? Does it amaze you that Logan doesn't use footpedals in his drumkit? What is the deal with the distorted vibraphone!?!? <--- I give props to the person who can tell me what song it's on.

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This band is quality, I especially like the drumming.

I only have Visiter and its quite good.
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I saw them live and enjoyed it, but haven't really listened to a lot of their stuff. Drums are the best part, fo sho' (although the fingerpicking is pretty awesome as well). I also met them and they were pretty cool guys
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