hey guys, im pretty new to this guitar thing so im sry if i sound like a noob lol.
anyways i have a peavey vypyr 15w solidstate amp, has 11 effects built in, and i was just wondering is their any like must have effects pedals for playing hard rock and some metal?
wah wah? or distortion? i dont really know if i need a distortion(dont really know the benifits of it on a rather distortion amp)

thanks for your time
Effects pedals are pretty useless for modeling amps.
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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking... but you might want to get the Sanpera footswitch, that way you can actually use the effects built into your amp.
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You also might want to look into processors like the Boss ME-20, only $200 and you get a distortion, modulation, delay, wah/volume pedal, and all the other benefits of a processor. Since you're new you might want to start with one of those then figure out which individual pedal's you want.