I need to bring my guitar to school, and i know that too hot/ too cold will mess up your guitar so if i bring my guitar to school in a thick gig bag on a morning that is like 5 to 10 degrees celsius (41 to 50 degrees fahrenheit) for like 5-10 mins? will that mess up my guitar? if you think its stupid then dont flame please :3 im just a guitar noob
Not really, but you might want to retune your guitar once its outside just to be safe. Unless it on the extreme ends of temperature(freezing or really ****ing hot) it would mess your guitar up much besides tuning.
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You should be just fine w/ a gig bag. Just make sure to check the tuning once your inside, though, like smartalec007 said, just to be safe.
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Not cold enough and not long enough to do any damage. Like you can let it sit for a couple hours at 45 F and it would be fine. you just gotta tune it after it warms back up though. Tuning changes with temperature like crazy.
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