I had a jam session in my garage with drums, bass and guitar. I'm a guitarist but no one else could play drums so I filled that spot. I had earplugs in so I wouldn't kill my ears. Everything sounded muffled to me. Like the sound quality was low. Is this because of the garge acoustics or shity amps?

Guitar used a Marshall MG30DFX.

Not sure what the bass amp was but it was a similar size. Drums were played close to ful volume. Anyone know what problem I have? Is it because I'm so close to the drums? I've listened without earplugs as well and it's pretty much the same.
If they were regular sponge earplugs, then they would muffle things quite a bit. You can get custom-fitted earplugs that allow all of the frequencies through, but just turn things down a notch.
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Is this because of the garge acoustics or shity amps?

Guitar used a Marshall MG30DFX.

^Note: Probably sarcastic
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My earplugs were these 30 dollar plastic drum earplug things I got from the music store. They had what seems like layers of plastic in a cone shape. Dunno if that's descriptive enough but they were expensive so I assume they were meant for music
probally acoustics and the earplugs (they tend to muffle allot for me). The amp shouldnt be to bad, I like it (ive got one) but allot of people dont. anyway... what do I know..
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I use my computer's amp modelling software and output it through the cabinet of that marshall so the head wasn't in use. I assume the cabinet is still low quality? Because the computer outputs amazing tone.