In part 1 of the LP Deluxe saga, I was looking for a Les Paul to buy, and this 93 Deluxe for 1500 bucks came up.

(FYI, I play Hard Rock (Led Zep, Guns n' Roses, Van Halen, Wolfmother, Aerosmith, Satch), Blues (Clapton, Cream), some RHCP funk, jazz, and some metal.)

Today, after researching and getting some info from very helpful forum-goers, I tried the guitar, and here's where I need more help.

First, I tried it clean, and it was excelent. I expected it to be great, but it was the closest thing to perfect I've ever tried.

Then I tried it with distortion (with some cheap pedal), and I found it lacking, not terrible, but lacking, this got me worried.

Take note here, I tried it through a crappy Fender Frontman, which may have been behind the weak distortion.

So I'm about to tell the seller to come to my house so I can try the guitar with my VOX VT.

Now, thoughts? Should I give up on the guitar? Or should I blame the bad distortion to the amp? Anything I should know? Maybe I ought to change the pickups? (Which I wouldn't mind)
About 80% of your tone comes from the amp. Try it through your amp, and if it still sounds meh, its something about the guitar, quite possibly the pickups (actually 99% probably your pickups).
Breaking stereotypes by playing indie on a metal guitar.

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you need to play the guitar trhough a new amp, especially to evaluate how it sounds clean and distorted. I can't honestly say I've heard any guitar sound good through a FM.
I always have one rule I follow when ever I am trying out a guitar, I have to hear it thru my amp or the exact same amp as I have. Before I would buy a guitar try it in what ever amp they had or if I was at a shop whatever they had plugged in. Then I would get the guitar home and it just didn't sound right or the same to me. Now when I buy a guitar and get it home it sounds the same as it sounded in the shop because of my little rule.

Definitely play it through you amplifier. How it sounds through your gear is critical. Who cares how it sounds through a bunch of gear that you don't have or can't afford, right? Those mini-humbuckers aren't the most powerful pickups out there, but add a pedal boost and they might have all of the power you are looking for. I would not pass up a fine-playing, quality guitar if the only issue was the pickups. Those can always be upgraded.