ok so i bought a guitar today ( dean razorback v 255 ) and everything was perfect except for one little detail, one of the microtuners is stuck, (not really stuck but it takes ALOT of force to move it, the tech that setted up my guitar had to use pliers !) so i was wondering what should i do?

I think that the problem may be that the microtuner didnt went in straight so i was thinking of taking it out and putting it in again but making sure that it goes in straight.
can i take out the microtuner without any risk of damaging my guitar?
please answer.
Sounds like its cross-threaded (not in straight). If you take it out again and try to screw it back, chances are it will just cross-thread again. If you could find a tap that small you could clean the threads up with one, but if its a new guitar I would return it.
You should just take it back. Depending on how bad it is, your entire block setup could be screwed totally.