I'm going to a local carboot/jumble sale tomorrow and I was just curious if anyone had found something decent at one? I know the chances of finding something good is pretty slim but you never know I'm kinda excited haha
I assume a carboot/jumble sale is like a yard sale or flea market here in the states.

Back many years ago at a yard sale in Winchester Ma I got a vintage Fender Strat w/HSC for a whopping $50.00. I turned it around for a few thousand. I got a couple Epis at the flea market between $50 and $75 a LP studio and an LP standard. I got a 70s era Gibson Les Paul w/HSC from a yard sale once that had a broken head stock for $100.00 after I bought it the guy told me he found it in the trash!!!! It cost me another $150.00 for the repaur and I later sold it for $850.00.

I have seen a lot of crappy looking guitars and amps. It's funny some people don't know what they have one guy had a First Act guitar he was asking $125.00 for but he had a Takamine acoustic he was only asking $50.00 for and I knew it was worth 5 times that. If my Girl Friend wasn't with me I would have bought it and resold it for $200.00 retail the model went for between $500 to $600 new. So yes deals can be found.

Good Luck!

Not really guitar related, but I've found some great golf clubs at yard sales.
I'm sure you'll find something cool, even if it isn't gear related.