I have for the most part kept it to myself but its about time i get some criticism.
Im still in the process of putting songs up for a full band up on there, hence the "shoegaze" tag, but the general feel of my stuff is in the 2 songs up there.
So tell me what you all think.
EDIT: theres some panning i put in, so it goes best with stereo speakers/headphones

"-_-" Is the sort of music I'd love to do, if I had the ability or creativity. It needs some fretless bass and light drumming to keep that the tension going through-out, imo. Guitar tone works perfectly, some moments were the tempo is lost a little, my only thought is "The sound needs thickening".

This song reminds me of something and I just can't work out which song, urgh it's annoying me now lol.

..I reread the post, a full band will make this sound so much more alive. I wanna hear it when its uploaded.