*Head:* Line6 Spidervalve HD100 MkII, bought new 4 months ago ($899 new, GuitarCenter)

Line6 Spidervalve HD100 MkII (Musician's Friend)

*Cabinet:* Avatar G212H Dual Vintage Closed Back (Celestion Hellatone 30's inside, Black Tolex, Wheat Grille, Closed Back, 120w), bought new about 8 months ago ($380 w/ shipping)

Avatar G212H's

**Reason for selling: Found an awesome local deal for a 1973 Twin Reverb Combo with near-mint JBL Orange Backs, Blackface re-wire, and re-built chassis with all aircraft-grade tubes, caps, and resistors...

**Pictures Attached to Thread

**Price: Looking for between 7-8 for the two together (buyer pays shipping costs)

**Review: The main thing I liked about this Rig is versatility. I compared it with a Marshall JVM Lead or something along those lines, and the sound was up to par with it as far as the cleans go. Then, after playing with the settings; I got it to also closely match a single rectifier.

The Avatar cabinet is a perfect compliment for the 100W of ass-kick that this thing gives you -- the 2x12 is PLENTY of speaker for the head. I've never even cranked the head's master vol. past 4 or 5 (live in urban area).

This is an awesome rig for a more rock/progressive/metal guitarist; I really enjoyed it, but I am mostly a jazz and electronic artist. After playing the 73 twin with my rig, I fell in love with it. I hope someone will give this rig a good home/road tour though!

***I will also send the amp pre-loaded with my main custom-bank (I have an audio-engineering degree!)

The custom bank is as follows:

1.) Clean (Marshall)
2.) Blues (Blues Driver)
3.) Heavy (Rectifier)
4.) Psychedelic "Deep Chords" (Fender head w/ slowwww chorus flange)

Banks were set up with a PRS Custom 24

Thanks for reading!

PM Sent
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Would you be willing to sell the 2x12 seperate?
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