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I'm new here, I've been playing guitar for about 2-3 years now, and I love John Mayer's (among many others) music and style. But I've noticed he plays almost like he's finger-picking, but hes not. Also, through this technique he can play with speed at the same time....he almost makes a "blook" noise in between the actually played notes/chords. A great example of this is when he does the live version of Vultures on Where the Light Is.

I would love to learn and understand this technique, does anybody know any sites I can learn or have any personal experience with this style? I think it sounds absolutely sick.
Mayer uses a lot of hybrid picking, I know that much. As for the "blook" noise, maybe he's just striking the strings with the flesh of his hand?

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john mayer basically just finger picks with his index, middle, and ring fingers while he uses his thumb to tap on the low E to keep time. once you get comfortable enough with finger picking just add the thumb as a kind of metronome...its a lot easier than it sounds.
Oh, that sounds ridiculously easy - I'mma try that.

Thanks, man!

Does anyone know how to get his guitar tone?
He's slapping the lower strings on beats 2 and 4 to get the percussive effect.
He uses his thumb to slap and his fingers the play the double stops in vultures. I use a combination of my thumb to slap the low E (muted) and the back of my finger nails the hit the notes on best 2 and 4. Its a odd technique to get your fingers around but when you get it you'll start to use it all over the place. Learn Heart of Life or Stop this Train to get the technique down.

For his tone, a strat and a warm tube amp. Use the neck and middle pick ups for tunes like Belief, Gravity, Slow dancing (can use middle by itself if its warm enough) and for Vultures use the bridge and middle.
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Oh, that sounds ridiculously easy - I'mma try that.

Thanks, man!

Does anyone know how to get his guitar tone?

his tone is basically just scooped mids with the tone knob rolled of a bit. of course for his lead tones he brings the mids back to cut through the mix.
Oh, awesome. Thanks, guys!
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Anyone familiar with John Mayer only through his Grammy-winning hit "Your Body Is a Wonderland," with its pop-reggae lilt and breathy lyrics, might be surprised to catch him in concert a few years later. At an early winter show in Rochester, New York, the young songwriter strides onstage with his Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster and kicks off his new single "Bigger than My Body" with strutting power chords and swirling keyboard lines reminiscent of Genesis. Switch-hitting on electric and acoustic over the course of the show, Mayer reveals a sophisticated sense of fingerboard harmony as well as the chops of a genuine blues-rock shredder. But he's careful not to let guitar heroism get in the way of what has filled this arena with swooning teen and 20-something fans: the songs themselves, full of confident hooks and sincere personal revelations.

Mayer didn't set out to be a pop star. Growing up in Connecticut, he followed his infatuation with the electric guitar all the way to a short stint at Berklee College of Music. When his calling as a songwriter won out over the pursuit of guitar glory, he headed to Atlanta, Georgia, and began a remarkably quick ascent in the music business. His first CD, Inside Wants Out, came in 1999, followed in 2001 by the now triple-platinum Room for Squares (with "Your Body Is a Wonderland"), the live set Any Given Thursday, and now Heavier Things.

With a string of hits and his own Martin signature model at the age of 26, Mayer would have plenty of reasons to be cocky or self-satisfied about his music. But as this conversation reveals, he sees himself at the beginning of a long evolution as a player and songwriter.
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