Poll: Gearhead, guitar collector, or other?
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35 21%
Guitar/Bass collector
53 32%
I try to keep it even
75 45%
I don't play guitar/bass
4 2%
Voters: 167.
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The other day, my friend bought a 3rd guitar, and that got me thinking. He's got 3 guitars, and a crappy amp, whereas I've got 3 amps, and a crappy guitar. So, which would you consider yourself?
I lil bit of both.

I have 1 good guitar 2 decent ones and 1 good amp and 1 decent amp.
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I have 2 guitars, 7 pedals, and 1 amp that I actually use often. I have 2 guitars that just collect dust and about 3 pedals I don't really use. I think I lean a little on the gear head side but I think it's pretty even.
i got 2 acoustics and 2 electrics and a banjo, not my fault tho i only bought 1 electric and 1 acoustic, the others were given to me :S
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The guitar, the only beautiful female that looks better with the top ON haha

Total gearhead, though I could use another guitar.
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i have 3 great guitars and 1 mediocre amp

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
Guitar collector. I have 4 guitars a bass and 1 shitty amp (but I'm taking care of that for Christmas)
I collect guitars. I have 5 guitars: 3 acoustic, 2 electric. I normally play acoustic, so I only have 2 crappy amps.
6 guitars, 1 good amp and 2 pedals. I think guitar collector. But i will be venturing into a few more pedals and a new amp in the next year.
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4 guitars and two amps
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gear head with one good guitar
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I'd say I try to keep it even, mainly because the more equipment I have, the happier I am.
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More on the guitar side. I have very few effects pedals, one gig amp, one practice amp.
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Gearhead, no question.
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Guitar collector, haha. Refer to sig. =)

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I'm going to try and list the gear in this house from memory..


Gibson SG standard
Japanese Telecaster
Mexican Strat
Cort X-6
Tokai SG copy
cheap Yamaha
cheap Encore

Ibanez bass


nice 000 Martin
Blueridge BR-43
Yamaha 12 String
Washburn Festival Series
Old classical
Old classical
Cheap classical
Crap acoustic


Roland VGA-5
Marshall JCM-2000
Marshall AS50D acoustic amp
Roland Cube Street


Boss RC-20 loop pedal
Boss PW-10 wah pedal
A few crap distortion, fuzz pedals

so it looks like the guitars win but the majority aren't so good. Half that stuff is my mum's though!
2 guitars, 2 amps (albeit one is a shitty starter amp), and 2 pedals

I'd say that's pretty even.
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Pretty even i think
got my marshall MG!!
and my mesa

ltd ec1000

wah, delay, phaser
I think you only really need 1 good amp but need 2-3 different guitars for playing different genres so I suppose that makes me a guitar collector
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what is it called when you try to collect and learn as many instruments as possible?

Ohh I would do this if I had the money

I have one decent guitar, and one kickass half stack.

And a lameass practice amp but that doesn't count. Saving up for a new guitar right now.
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I have two amazing guitars that i play evenly, and one good amp.

You could call me both, or poor
Software gear head. I don't use a physical amp at all anymore.

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Gearhead. My guitar works alright, but I need a new amp. Peavey Triple XXX in my future.
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hmmm... 2 electric guitars, 2 acoustic, 2 amps. More of a guitar collector I guess?
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Neither, I'm a poor ass.
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like 8 guitars all electric, 6 amps (couple halfs, couple combos, few other heads). few pedals i don't really use and some rack gear. keeping it even i'd say
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I have two amazing guitars that i play evenly, and one good amp.

You could call me both, or poor

you made me lol a bit

I've got 2 guitars, 2 amps and a wahwahpedal.
My dad owns some stuff too, so together I think it's quit even.
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I have 1 decent guitar even though it's not really my style, one shitty guitar, and one shitty amp. I'm working on a new amp though, a decent practice one. After that I plan on buying another guitar or two.
I've got crappy guitars and crappy gear, sooo...neither

All my stuff is adequate if you'd like to put it that way: my guitars, as nice as they are, have bum frets; my amp has t00bs but it weak as hell; don't get me started in the MT-2 - if I have all the knobs as far clockwise as they can go, then I can get an acceptable sound out of it. Basically, what I have is the best of a relatively bad bunch, and it probably isn't gonna change for a while..
guitar head, but I would rather more amps and effects atm, I just cant afford them. 3 electrics, and acoustic, a bass and 2 amps.

I think that amps are more important to tone then guitars.
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