Go to work pull the drain plug,
The boss bitches it's not being done right.
How hard can this really be.
Cigarette break?
Might as well.

I went to a funeral the other day
for a friend of a friend of my dads
and i know when i die
there will be people like that at my party.
Talking about how I did this and that,
not my friends, no
people that noticed they should've known me while i was alive
instead of waiting until i was dead.

"It's nineteen ninety nine for an oil change, sir"
go do it yourself you piece of shit
"yes honey ill be home for dinner i just gotta deal with these assholes first, im sorry bud whatd ya say it was again?"
Go fuck yourself. you think i wanna work here?
Not all of us drive mercedes up and down the boulevard
and chat on our phones with company execs
no, some of us have to do the dirty work for people like you.
"it's nineteen ninety nine sir"
And I smile. that fake glorious smile that my manager does so well,
before he runs off to smoke a bowl in his jeep grand cherokee.
But I just don't care enough to fake it today.
"actually sir scratch that, go take your car to precision tune."
"well what the hell, don't you want my business?"
"well personally sir I don't give a fuck how much money this place makes. you got a light? thanks. to be honest with you we're all blazed in there and frankly i don't feel like dealin with an asshole like you five minutes before we close."
"well aren't you just a little cocksucker."
and he burned rubber on our nice clean floor
in his nice sixty thousand dollar car.
and me,
well i laughed my way back to hell.
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I liked it but the second stanza kinda seemed outta place you jump from work to a funeral back to work? Maybe I missed something, dunno.