Hi guys. A while ago, I was looking around the net for any info I could find on mods for a TSL, and I found THIS site. I read through it, and thought some of the mods there could help my TSL. I looked up some prices etc for transformers and a choke, but figured it would be too expensive to get them shipped to Australia, so basically forgot all about the mods.

That was, however, until I was looking on ebay. I found a Mercury Magnetics MC10H choke, the same one used for the mod. Ended up getting it for $50, and it arrived today!



Test fit:

Tubes gone, amp removed from cab:

Flipped it over and had a look

R71, the one that has to go

Gut shots, everything on the left has to be removed to reach the main board

Both boards removed, all wires labelled (Took me an hour and a half to get to this point!)

Choke drilled and mounted...

And soldered up

Everything re-wired:

And re-assembled

Heres the plexiglass front I made a few months ago
Results: I was fairly happy with the amp before I did this mod, but its even better now! Its more responsive and has more low-end now. The difference is subtle, but definitely noticeable. The mod itself isnt difficult at all; remove one resistor, wire the 2 leads from the choke to where the resistor was. The hard part is taking the whole amp apart! Thank god for the little clips Marshall uses to wire all the boards together. Labelling everything is a must, unless you love figuring out how to rebuild an amp.

I've also ordered the parts for some other mods- removing the fizz from the lead channel, and fixing some cap values. I left everything labelled so when the parts arrive I can take it apart quicker, and I'll post pics when those are done too. I also have some preamp tubes coming to replace the stock ones (which are utter shite)
Very nice, good effort. How's it sound with the new mod?
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I'm not a fan of the TSL series, because I'm not a high-gain kind of guy. I can see how better filtering would help that amp out though.

If you really like your amp, check out this site. It talks about some of the problems that it comes with from the factory and how to fix them:

I used to have a TSL for literally a couple of weeks or something. Wasn't really for me. Maybe it was just because i was playing through a totally shite speaker though. Looks like a good mod, well done friend.

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You'll notice how the choke improves tone and feel even more if you play at higher volume settings.

I havent had a chance to run it at more than 2, but I can already hear the difference its made. A lot more chug when palm muting (not that I really use that in my playing) and tighter low-end. Hopefully the other mods will really clean up the fizz, then it'll be great.
Eeh, that's a whole hell of a lot of components.

What I wouldn't do to be able to build something that complex.
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