Nice, except I'd throw some active pickups in there. But that's just me. All in all, very nice bass.

And, btw, I don't see a price anywhere. Check sites like musiciansfriend for price.
First off, its generally a good idea to avoid Dean, quality will be skimpy at best.

Musiciansfriend lists the edge pro's price at $600. For that price you could get a nice MIM Fender, an Ibanez, a Schecter, a Peavey, a Traben, a Sterling by Musicman. All these brands have fantastic basses for the same price as the Dean, and all are much better, I can almost guarantee it.

If your going to spend that much, you might want to look at used stuff, you could get a lot of nice, high end, used basses for around $600
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My bad. The price at Guitar Center is $600 and it does have Active Pickups which i do love
I'm not so sure the Dean has active pickups, it does have an active preamp.
If you like that, for $600 you can get an Ibanez SR600, which is a relatively high end Ibanez. Active preamp, and with much higher quality and a much better reputation then Dean
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Spector and Markbass