I have a fender hotrod deluxe with a speaker thats blown, and a solid state crate 65 watt amplifier that doesnt work anymore... I was wondering if its a good idea to part out the crates speaker and put it onto the hotrod. Is it a good idea? Will it work? Both speakers are 12 inches. I need some kind of insight before I start doing anything
HRD uses an 8 ohm speaker. What's the impedance on the speaker from the Crate?

Most of the Crates I've seen had pretty mediocre stock speakers.
You might be better off buying an Eminence or Jensen for the HRD.
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I don't know the specs of the two amps so it is hard to be definitive but the things to consider are;
do the impedances match
can the speaker handle the power
does the cabinet volume match the speaker.

If both cabs are open back then there shouldn't be too many problems but every speaker only gives its best in a sealed cab of a particular size. however since you have the speaker llaying around doing nothing you dont have a lot to lose by trying it.