Ok so Im trying to decide between the BB Preamp by Xotic FX or the Maxon OD9. Im playing a PRS Custom 22 into a Mesa Roadster and Im only goin to be using it to boost the gain a bit. I heard that this will tighten up the sound but idk... What are the advantages of using an overdrive in front of such a high gain amp....and which one is best??
the bb preamp is an awsome pedal but for boosting i would go for the maxon. both are really nice pedals and would work really nicely. actually now that i think bout it, get the bb it can boost nicely and it has the capability of being an awsome standalone overdrive.
BB Preamp is far most transparent sounding and works just as well for boosting clean sounds; I'd choose that any day over the OD9.

This choice will end up just being personal preference; try both out.
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another vote for the BB. Killer boost or standalone pedal, very transparent, and doesn't suck out the lowend like a lot of other pedals.
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I would go with the BB Preamp.
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I've not heard the BB, but I'd actually recommend an Maxon OD808 instead of the OD9. It's an awesome OD pedal. I use it to boost my TSL100.
i just got a clone of the zvex super hard on and it does an amazing job for boosting. the zvex version is a rip off but if you can find a clone or something i maybe look into it.