Ive been playing playing a strat from costco for 2 years and ive played a whole bunch of other guitars and ive always stayed in love with my strat so im deciding to upgrade. I dont have enough money for a fender strat so which is the best squier strat? Im looking for the most versatile sounding one but I mostly play rock. thankz.
squires are worth the wood they r made out of. look 4 a used MIM strat
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i agree^. dont know how much used mexi strats go for but its def worth shelling out a few extra bucks instead of settling for a squier.

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Squiers aren't too bad and make a great platform for customizing and upgrading.

I'd rather screw a guitar that costs around $200 or so than screw up one that costs $1000+

TS: If you wanna go new and you're set on a Squier you should definitely stick with the higher end ones (unless you plan on changing hardware and electronics in the near future). If you're willing to go used grab an MIM Fender.
A used Made in Mexico Strat usually range around $300 and are great guitars. The price you'd pay for a good Squier you could get a excellent used MiM Fender Strat.

If you can't buy used than nevermind this.
The Classic Vibe Strats look pretty good.
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I have a squier and its not bad at all, it never goes out of tune. I bought mine as a store bought guitar rather than a boxed package, so i guess those are better than the ones from convieniance stores or something
I've heard the classic vibe series are good but never played one.

I got my MIM strat for 250$ off craigslist. It was about 5 months old at the time, looks brand new and the guy put locking tuners on it. If you sit around and wait for someone who is really looking to get rid of gear you can get a great deal on one and have a much better guitar than any squier.
The Classic Vibe '50s model is the best Squier, IMO.
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