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Recently, like within the past two weeks, Ive managed to injure my index fretting finger (not from guitar playing). At first it just seemed that if i knew I could crack my finger and tried itd take me a few tries, so i figured I had slightly sprained it or something (this has happened multiple times with other fingers, and each time it got better in like a day or two). But then it wasnt getting better, and i noticed that, while comparing it to my pick hand index finger ,past the knuckle away from my hand/body that that entire portion of my finger has been dislocated. Ive been playing guitar this whole time, cuz i realized the index finger doesnt do much except be held down on a fret. I can do everything (including bending) with no pain, except its a bit sore when i stretch my fretting hand (and I mean stretch greater than the typical 3 notes per string, with a fret in between each finger stretch). Should I stop playing for a week or two and let my finger heal?
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I'd definitely give it some time off. If you keep playing, you could possibly injure it even worse, which could stop you from playing for a greater amount of time.

A week off is definitely better than permanent damage, or making the injury worse than it is.
go see a doctor i once broke my wrist and didnt even know it and now i have wrist problems
Guitar is my hobby but emergency medicine is my career. It's not dislocated if you can move it freely and it's not extremely likely to be broken since you aren't in tremendous pain. Still, it seems like something's up and you're only going to make it worse by continuing to do strenuous activity with the finger. I'd suggest getting it looked at by your doctor and stop playing until you do. In the event that it's only sprained which is the most likely result, you're going to need to wear a finger splint and rest it for a bit before getting back into playing.
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yep, see a doc, you might be away from playing for a month but it`s better if you give it chance to heal.

which muppet voted no..
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As with everything in life.....if it hurts....stop it.
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