recently just bought as Mesa Boogie Big Block 750. I dont really want to spring for a mesa cab as they are a bit expensive and well buying they head left me kinda broke! But i would like a 4ohm 4x10 with horn and ill eventually add a 15 to the mix but for now just the 4x10. I play heavy metal death metal thrash etc etc and i use the built in distortion. can you guys give me any ideas on what to look for and quality plus affordability plus good sounding? any suggestions on where to start and what to look for would be awsome! thanks!
1- look for a tweeter. if you can adjust it, that is even better.
2- look for good reviews. the best ones are often SWR, Mesa, Eden, Carvin, Ashdown, Fender, Hartke, Peavey... (look at Carvin first )
3- used. best place to look.
4- play a lot of stuff and see what you like.
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Get 2 2x10's instead mate, but ya. FInd something like SWR, carvin, Hartke, BFM, Shroeder, If you want money well spent.
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For metal I tend to like the sound of SWR if I can't go with a Mesa. Then again, I also like the sound of my Ampeg 8x10. Try out some SWR's and Ampegs. If you get the chance, look into Warwick cabs as well. I have a feeling though if you can afford a good Warwick cab you can afford a Mesa instead, though.
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