so i might write a (simple-ish) accompaniment on the guitar for a musical. All the piano stuff is set, but I want to try adding guitar on top of it. any suggestions? i've never really done this before. are there any tips people have for getting the guitar to compliment piano+ vocals nicely? or do I just kind of take the chords and play around with them so it fills in with the piano without changing the rhythm or distracting from vocals?

basically I'm just looking for any tips at all for this type of thing.
I'd say try to keep it simple, and stay with the chords, it'll make the overall sound richer, without making it too busy.

By the way, is there any chance you play WoW in a guild called Aeternum Fidelis? oO
don't do anything fancy if you don't already have practise arranging pieces.

Keep the chords strictly in key, no doubt the piano part will give you some clues as to what yoou can use.

If you put a a line or two of the music for the piano part we can give you a little push in the right direction.