Has anyone tried this experiment in which you put hlaf ping pong balls over your eyes and listen to white noise/static? Also, out of curiousity, are you supposed to close your eyes too once the ping pong balls are over them, Im a little skeptically, but no use in not trying it. Thanks in advance.
Sounds like sensory deprivation.
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Sounds like sensory deprivation.

It pretty much is, yeah
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I wouldn't specifically keep your eyes shut, no.

And I have never heard of it not working. But I've never seen an experiment done either. Just heard that it works in a lot of different locations.

I plan on trying it someday/This weekend.
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You need a light, I think it might have to be red. Please do tell me how this goes, I wanna do it.
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But really, my friend did it for a while and had nothing happen, so take it with a grain of salt.

EDIT: I'll just post how to do this. Turn on a red light, and shine it in your face. Put on some noise canceling headphones playing static. Cut a ping pong ball in half and tape each half over your eyes to diffuse the light. Sit like that for a half hour at least, and supposedly the sensory deprivation will force your brain to fill in the 'darkness' with its own images.
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make sure you don't share your ping pong balls with other people, you might catch some nasty disease that way

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make sure you don't share your ping pong balls with other people, you might catch some nasty disease that way

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I would like to try this, but my dreams have been so horrifying lately I think I would go insane if I started hallucinating that stuff.
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