Mediocrity I hate this ****ing word
to be mediocre, inefectual
what I wouldn't give to live a life of meaning
to live in a place and time where life
truly was survival of the fitest, to live in a world
where men where measured by their deeds.
How many of you limp wristed ******'s would survive, even thrive in my world?
would you be trodden underfoot?
Would you be the biggest, badest mother****er or would tremble in the corner?
Oh what I wouldn't give for anarchy to take hold.
To be truly tested.
I hate living in this world where I am considered to be
too violent to serve my country as a Ranger.
One more assault and battery and I go to the pen.
Too violent for combat action?!?
What the fu.ck....
Too violent for combat action.
denied entry.
Oh yes in my world I would be a legend,
or I would be dead.
Maybe the Legion would take me?
France here I come.