I just realized I haven't left my chair for about 3 hours now. Which one of you can best that?
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I'm in a wheelchair.

Oh You...
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Your last job only paid you $7.00 AUD an hour? That's like $6.05 in the US. What the hell is the minimum wage over there?

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$0 for volunteer work


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Nope sorry, this concept remains alien to me.



about 40 mins
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I just Google "Elephant penis", and was strangely aroused.

Apparently, I'm a good shitter

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jonne.i just took the best dump I ever seen
Like 10 minutes.
I've been lying down for the past 5 and a half hours.
E-married to ilikepirates

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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

15 minutes tops. Very boring 15 minutes... I'm in class =(
"Fly with me forever high
And with these wings
We'll set the world on fire
Fly with me through scorching skies
You and I - The lie of lies"

-Symphony X