I'm looking into recording gear, and originally I was having a look at a Tascam US-144mk.II, however I did some more research and found the Line6 POD Studio UX2, as well as the KB37 model.
I've seen some reviews on the UX2 on here, rather some opinions. Does anyone have any experience with the KB37 model? It's a bit more cash than the UX2, but I'm wondering if its even worth it. The only reason I'm considering the KB37 is because it has the keyboard built into it, and I play a bit of piano, and I experiment with synths quite a bit.

Let me know what you all think, cheers!
UX2: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6-Line-6-Pod-Studio-UX2-with-Pod-Farm-105148571-i1427098.gc

KB37: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Line-6-POD-Studio-KB37-USB-Audio-Interface-with-POD-Farm-Plug-in-250005-i1435738.gc

And for what its worth I'm NOT using a mac, I'm using an HP Pavillion with Vista (I know, it makes me sad too. Bloody Microsoft.)
Why not aim for firewire when you are at that price ranges?

Presonus Firestudio Mobile (2 mic/TS hybrid inputs + 6 line inputs on the back of it).

That midi controller doesn't look so cool, 3 octaves. i would at least look for a 5-octave one.
Whats the difference between the line6 products and a firewire product such as the Presonus one you mentioned?
Sorry, guitar's my thing, recording isn't. lol
Firewire suppotrs more inputs, this firewire interface has phantom power which is requpied for future recording with condenseres when recording becomes "your thing".

Are you going to use mics or amp sims?

If you have a keyborad with a MIDI output you can get an midi->USB cable and use a synth program on your computer.
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