Im pretty new to the forum so i hope in the right spot!

i got hold of an epiphone explorer super cheap, i plan on re finishing it as its pretty messed up, iv painted guitar bodys before, but not set necks so i was wondering,

If i mask the fret board up and hit the body with a few coats of paint, how do i get rid of the line thats going to appear between the neck and fret board once iv taken off the masking tape?


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Errrr... Not quite sure what you mean, but if you tape everything super neatly when you get to doing it you shouldn't have a problem. Other then, finishing thread should clear any more questions up. I suggest you go look there
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I think he means the ridge of paint that will appear when the tapes taken off, which can be cured by very carefully taking a razor blade to the ridge (hold the blade like / and drag it -> way). To tell you the truth, I honestly wouldn't touch painting the neck unless you're super confident you can give it a perfect finish again, or if the paints already completely thrashed than at least if you think you can give it a better finish than that. Sounds like a fun project though, painting guitars is great.
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Cheers guys, yeah shashing thats what i mean, and im not 100 % confident, but i figrure, who knows what will happen and il learn on thw way.

thanks for the help
Dean ML Much?