My first real nice amp,sound is amazing compared to my frontman 65.
anyone want to buy a frontman? ha ha oh yeah its a rebel 30 112!!

I've yet to try one of these...I always end up getting distracted by something else at the music store

Congrats. I played one once and don't remember it one bit. Either way, glad you're happy.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
Gotta get my hands on one of these.
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I already congratulated you over in EG but how do you like it so far? Rebels seem cool. A mini review would be cool but I know you just got it. Yep, big step up from the your Frontman I'd say.


Hey wait, where is the new guitar? Get that up too.
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What are the dimensions of that thing? It looks rather "deep".

Congrats on the new gear.
Congrats! I haven't been able to play one yet, although i am looking forward to it
Looks nice man, I heard one of these on youtube and it sounds good
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Nice, feels nice to have a nice warm tone and smooth overdrive, doesn't it?

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What are the dimensions of that thing? It looks rather "deep".

Congrats on the new gear.

its 16" tall 19" long and 13" deep so it is deep sounds wicked though.
I've had my Rebel 30 for a couple of months now, and I love it even more than when I got it. TS, nice purchase. If you would like me to share settings or something, I'd be happy to.

I can also review the amp with some experience behind it:

Features: It's 30 watts, all tube, with 5x12AX7, 2xEL84, and 2x6V6. The cabinet is really deep, and the thing probably weighs at least 40 lbs. because of its large size. It's got two channels: Clean and OD. The clean channel has bass, treble, volume, and wattage controls, and two toggles governing "tight" and "bright" switches. The OD channel has bass, middle, treble, gain, volume, and wattage, plus the same "tight" and "bright" toggles. The wattage selectors can go from 30 to 1 watts, and change the sound somewhat depending on what setting one is on. There is built-in reverb, one for each channel, with spillover. There is also an effects loop and a recording line out that bypasses the speaker.

Sound: The Rebel can go from crystal, chimey clean, to chunky warm clean to light overdrive to classic rock on the clean channel. This all depends on the wattage setting and the volume it's being played at. On the EL84 side, the amp sounds somewhat like an AC30, but not quite as chimey, maybe more glassy. On the 6V6 side it sounds a little warmer, but also has a scooped sound, which is okay, but needs to be played louder in my opinion. For OD, the amp can go from clean to Iron Maiden tones. The 6V6 tends to be smoother, while the EL84 sounds more aggressive and chunky. I really like this amp for warm distortion and smooth solo tones, but the harmonic response isn't that great. Pinches and divebombs are harder to execute than my old amp.

Overall: I like the amp a lot, and I think it's pretty good for the money if you don't play too much metal. It's very similar to a Classic 30 with more features and better tone. The only things I don't like are the lack of harmonics, the heaviness of the amp, and the lack of a footswitchable boost. I'd give the amp an 8 out of 10, but for the price I'd say there's not much better going new.
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