Ok, so I'm going to buy a new amp.


- Tube Amp
- ~$300-600
- Small venue amp (1 or 2 speakers)

I play a alot of everything, but mostly funk/jazz/blues/pop/gospel, and that's why I want a versatile amp.

I want an amp that's got a great clean sound, so I can colour the tone with different pedals.

What I'm going for sound/amp-wise is: Eric Johnson, John Mayer, Tower of Power, Jamiroquai, Ole Børud, Nils Landgren, "regular gospel".

So, if there's anyone who could make som suggestions on amps that could suit me, it would be greatly appreciated!

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For that range of cash, i'd look at boutique amplifiers

I don't know most of the artists you posted, but a great clean amp for EJ and a Butler Tube Driver will get you close to his tone.

Do you have a cab? or do you want a head and cabinet for your buget.

For amplifiers (head and combos) i'd look at;
65Amps; Soho (the cleans on this are pretty epic, Riffhog on here has one)
maybe a 60's Fender
Maybe even a Dumble clone
Splawn (if you like pissed off Plexis with awesome cleans)

but i'd best leave the talking to the guys who know about EJ and JM more then myself
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So if I get this straight, you want a nice clean tone and you will use pedals for overdrive and distortion? Or did you want an overdrive channel on the amp as well?

vintage Fender or some of the Dr. Z could get you the clean tone. You could get anything in that price range though. I am but a mere mortal.
My bad! Not used to the US currency.. it's supposed to be $300-600.

Haha, I'm not quite THAT rich.. ouch.
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My bad! Not used to the US currency.. it's supposed to be $300-600.

Haha, I'm not quite THAT rich.. ouch.

when I first seen this thread...I didn't post because I have no idea with a budget of $3000-$6000.

But with your revised budget, I'd look into the following:

Peavey Classic 30
Crate V-series/Palomino-Series
VOX AC15, used AC30?
Used vox AC15/AC30 or fender tube combo?
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'Practice amp' = amp you practice with? In my case, Peavey 6505+ and 4x12
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Oh okey! Yea, I've played the AC30, and I think it's sounds really good. Although I've heard that there are 2 "types" of AC30:s.. one with different speakers that's supposed to be a lot better and a lot more expensive.. is that the case with the AC30 too?

And the AC15 is the same as AC30 but with one speaker, aight? :P
Check out the Peavey Classic 30 as well. The AC15/30 can be bought with the Alnico Blue Speaker, which is about a $300/speaker upgrade. The AC15 is 15 watts and the AC30 is 30 watts.