So, I have a buzzing fret at the 7th fret on the low E string. Whenever this problem has happened, the solution was usually something about intonating your guitar. I'm not sure what to do since my guitar is neck through. I believe it has something to do with the Floyd Rose I have. I have a set of Elixirs (can't remember the exact name, but they're clear coated or something and last twice as long) that are .10's, so when I put them on there, I had to mess with the back of the guitar, and I was trying to tune it to standard once, and I screwed the screws in the back both ways, trying to get it to work.

I don't know if any of this information will help, I'm just desperate to fix it, because I've been playing for 9 years, and I now just got my first thrash band offer, yet they tune in standard, and I need to have my guitar ready to go, so if anyone can help, I'd REALLY appreciate it. Thanks.
You may need to get your truss rod adjusted. I can't give u specs on how to do this, i usually take it in to a shop and they do it for me. You might also have the action (distance from the strings to the neck) set too low also. I am not familiar with the FR system, but I'd assume there is something that can be used to raise your action. Hope this helps
if it`s only on one fret it usually indicates a high fret (fret levelling is a job for a tech).

fret buzz in the middle portion of the neck usually indicates too much back-bow and the truss rod needs tightening to provide more relief.

intonation adjustments aren`t normally a cure for fret buzz but maybe req`d after truss rod/ action adjustments.

read the setup sticky,it has info there on checking the neck relief and how to make adjustments.