Listen to me, woman. There is a certain order to things in this world, and you can go one way or the other. There is a very distinct path for you to either be a saint or a piece of shit. Now look at me. Tell me you want him over me. Tell me that these years of standing beside you, listening to you cry, taking care of you aren't worth a damn. Tell me you aren't scared to be without me. Am I not worth it? Is this not enough for you? What if I yell, hm? Is that enough for you? What if I'm so strong that you aren't able to get out from under me? Is that fucking enough for you? Are you sure you're not scared? Or maybe you're scared to never be under me again. I've made you scream before and god damn it if I have to make you scream some other way I will, you know I fucking can and don't you ever fucking doubt me.
This is just how things are, Saadia. No matter how much you might say this isn't working, it's how things are supposed to be. You can't change the world. It's your fault, your responsibility, and you can't just run away from things you whole life. After endless nights of kissing your eyelids shut, listening to your stupid philosophical rambles that don't mean a damn thing in the world, making sure you spoke properly so you didn't sound so damn pushy in public, caring for you like my own fucking child, this is how you repay me? Talking at night to some short faggot who can't give you shit? Well, that's your own perogative, Saadia, but you'll never get anywhere with that. You need to follow the rules sometimes. There is day and night, man and animal, nature and science, and finally Saadia, finally every love comes down to a dick and a pussy.

phillip, if you read this, it isn't about you.
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it's official, vintage x metal is the saving grace of this board and/or the antichrist

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Honestly I'm not sure I would have liked it, but I'm certain I don't like the last line about dick's and pussy's.