So I don't post here often but lurk as often as I can. Most of you aren't familiar with me I'm sure but I had a question and also a statement to make.

So anyway I play mostly, and when I say mostly I mean 99% of the time, finger style. I use picks, thumb, index, middle and ring. For a long time I had been teaching myself to play and was doing very well then hit a wall and had to bring in an instructor to help me out. So it just so happens he only fingerpicks as well. He only uses the thumb, index and middle fingers. So at any rate he can play anything and I do mean anything with fingerpicking, however he will concede that some of the chunkier stuff like Stevie Ray Vaughan is better with a flatpick. He teaches banjo as well so the fingerpicking just migrated over to guitar. I don't want to spend much time with this story so here is my question.

I don't use an anchor finger when I pick so my hand floats and I have that technique perfected. However I can't get my hand in the classical position. Here is the problem this poses and I've read about this on other forums where they say this practice is okay. In the classical right hand position the fingers, if you straighten them, are perpendicular to the strings, meaning they point at the ground. Well, for me, I take a different approach. My hand just naturally approaches the strings slightly on a diagonal because before I began using picks I used bare fingers. The problem this creates is that if I wear my fingerpicks where they are positioned squarely at my fingertips then they hit the strings at an angle and cause scratching, especially on the wound strings. To compensate for this I wear my picks slightly rotated on my fingers so that they are about 45 degrees off center. This allows for the picks to strike the strings squarely as I pull away from an attack. I have read on other forums that there are many people who do this and my instructor thinks it's fine but I would like all your opinions as well. Am I doing something wrong? My playing is clean and you can't hear any clicks from the picks so I don't think it's a problem but was just concerned about it. Thanks for any input.

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if your playing is clean with no clicks, and you're enjoying playing with no painful issues from your hand position, you don't have a problem.
Everyone has a different style of playing. If it works for you then theres no point changing it.
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this classical style that you're talking about i believe requires a foot rest for your left foot and your guitar on your left leg.

having that would make it easier to keep a natural hand position as well as having your hand perpendicular to the strings. it just so happens having to practice in the classical position is something not done too often by a lot of people.

in short, your posture or finger positioning is just fine. and also, keep your wrist naturally positioned, don't tilt it.
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