Hey guys,

i'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum (not even sure wether UG is the right site to ask the question...) Any ukulele players out there?

I've been planning to buy a really cheap ukulele just for fun. Since i'm learning normal acoustic guitar, i wanted to get the baritone ukulele, which uses the same tuning as the 4 highest strings of the standard guitar tuning (dgbe').

However, the baritone is pretty big (about 30 inches total length), which kind of defeats my purpose of having a cheap "miniature guitar" for fun (for playing in long car rides, for example).

The soprano (the standard) is way smaller (just 21 inches), but uses g'c'e'a' as tuning. I don't want to use another tuning because i plan to use the ukulele sometimes to practice standard guitar scale patterns during car/train rides.

Would it be possible to tune the soprano ukulele as a baritone? (using the appropriate set of strings)? Or will the bariton strings/tension screw up the bridge of the ukulele?

you could do it, but knowing what gauge strings to use would be the key. if you just threw on a standard set of baritone strings, they could snap or put extra stress on the body causing it to warp
You could just get a concert or tenor uke and buy a set of strings with a low G, then just think of your uke as having standard guitar tuning with a capo on the 5th fret.
Guitar scale patterns will work on a soprano uke. It will just end up in a different key.
After your answers i realized that the tuning of the soprano is simply a 4th higher with the same intervals between the strings, which means i can use the same chord shapes and scale patterns to practice. I'll just buy the low G string separately or maybe even give that clawhammer picking a try:P