So im upgrading my starter pack electric guitar this xmas and my parents say i have £250 budget MAX but i think i could get it stretched to £300...at the moment im playing a pretty poor strat style guitar which ive grown to hate over recent months for obvious reasons.

Ive been to my 2 local guitar shops and tried various guitars from each. The first shop (which is very small) only sells the brand "indie" which id never heard of until i visited but after trying a les paul and telecaster style of thier guitars i liked both but the les paul won my vote. In the second shop i tired some ibbys which i liked but the reviews on the edgeIII really put me off.

meanwhile online ive been looking at other guitars and ive found a few i like but none of my local stores have them so i cant try before i buy.

The things im looking for are:

Les Paul or Superstrat Shape
2 humbuckers
good sustain
set neck if possible
easy access to higher frets (bearing in mind i have fairly small hands)
Thin neck

tremelo (either floyd rose or standard)
cool finish

heres what ive found online so far



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Ibanez RGR321
Ibanez RGA32

Both are under your budget but don't have the set neck unfortunately. Also check out the Ibanez RGR421 don't know if it's under your budget but it was a few months back.