Sooo... I just purchased a analog effect pedal and the first time I plug it in it sounds like it should. But after a few mins it starts to sound like crap, and suddenly I hear the RADIO coming through my amp. And again, after a few mins it goes back to normal..

Is this a phenomenon I don't know about? Or does it just happen certain people at certain locations? Is my pedal broke? My amp?

I'm totally confused, give me answers

P.S It's a overdrive btw, Tonerider AO-1
That can happen.

It happened with my analog wah that I owned briefly.

Try moving the pedal to a different outlet and as far away from the amp as you can. It could also be an overly microphonic preamp tube that needs to be replaced.
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Very common if you use a Cry Baby with a Strat. Almost any circuit can do it so time to re-check your grounding.
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Well. Phew then. I thought the pedal was broken.. thanks guys appreciated!
Not just grounding, but pickup shielding as well.
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This used to happen to my Zakk Wylde wah pedal all the time. I got a power supply just for the wah (instead of using a daisy chain) and it fixed the problem for me
^another great idea!

Hey guys, he's got a Tonerider Overdrive pedal.

I think people saw my Crybaby comment and started talking about wahs. I ran my wah on a separate power adapter too. I do run 3 od type pedals on a 1Spot along with some other stuff and I do not get the radio, even with guitar cranked.

I'd check your preamp tubes and the other suggestions so far.