So I love the Line 6 Delay modeler, I play with it everyday at the store where I work, I borrowed a friends once for a gig, it's great. But I've heard alot about how the switches on this pedal go bad fast, and I don't want to spend $240 on a delay that will only work for under a year
Lots of pedals.
I bought a used one 2 years ago, It works great.
I see you have a deville 410, my dl4 sounds great coming out of my deville =)
It's definitely a must for prog rock.
imo, the main reason to get one is all the analog delays they have modeled on there. but i also feel any good analog delay unit is cleaner and easier to use. i was really not that impressed with the response of the unit, seemed very hard to get what you wanted out of the machine. i would get the boss dd20 if you are looking into a similar delay.

then again, there are tons of people who use it, i would at least compare to the dd20 to the dl4 before buying.
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