I realize this may not be the right forum, I apologize if it is. I'm new to guitar, (3 months). I've been playing an old acoustic that my dad had when he was young, and I'm doing mostly strumming, since I'm limited to what I can do as far as learning solo and picking. I'm looking at getting a guitar, (probably Christmas gift) so I can get in to more picking and solo type things and more electric guitar type songs. So what I was wondering is if it's better for me, as a new guitarist to stick with what I have now, get a new electric(and any suggestions?), or Get an acoustic/electric? Any advice would be helpful.
Thanks Guys!
Whats your budget?
Which artists do you like?

If you get an electric you will want an amp. A few cheap amps i can reccomend are the VOX VT15 Roland Cube Or a Peavey Vyper! We need to know your budget before we can reccomend a guitar just stay away form starter packs.
no reason why you can`t solo on a acoustic, lots of peeps do, you can play metal on a acoustic if you want.......

whats your budget for guitar and amp and cable.

what genre do you want to play, can`t reccomend anything without these, any particular bodyshape (single cutaway, double cutaway, super strat)
mmm tbh if i were you i'd practice more with the basic stuff on the acoustic since 3 months is rather premature, and you wouldn't really know what's "your genre" within such a short period because everyone has phases - if you know what i mean.

but anyway, i guess you could try an epiphone 1st or 2nd hand (depending on your budget), since they're sort of like a jack of all trades in a sense.

as for amps... well just get a practice amp. i'm sure around 100 would be able to find a decent home practice amp. you definitely upgrade your amp when your skills get better so i wouldn't worry too much about this if i were you. just get one you think is decent.

I'm looking maybe 200-400 total if possible..? I haven't really looked in to it too much
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But back on topic. My first electric guitar ws an Ibanez GAX70, so thats what Im going to recommend. Its only about $200, plays great, and has an all around tone for what ever genre you want to play. I still use mine somtimes, despite the fact that I have an RG and a homemade(and ****in awesome) rhoads v. Good luck with the guitar, bro.
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