Okay I know that classical guitars should be played sitting down but this guitar is about 30 years old, and i want it as a fun thing to thrash at for a few folk songs onstage. And i dont wanna be sitting down for that.

Question is,
Can i screw strap buttons in at pretty standard places? Would they hold and not completely split the wood/break the body?

I just want to find out if anyone has any experience of doing this before i try it...

Thank youu
should be fine as far as I can figure, the general construction is the same as a regular acoustic
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So you think i could even put the butt strap lock in the seam of the wood? (like where the curved wood ends meet)
Assuming it is constructed like most other classicals, you could absolutely. I would recommend drilling a small guide hole into the tail block to minimize the chance of splitting. Were you going to tie the other end at the headstock or put another button at the base of the neck?
hmmm i suppose i could tie that end to the headstock... I will try that first and see if i like how the guitar balances. Otherwise i might try another button at the neck base.

And Zorbozate, No im am just messing about and i really dont possibly believe that putting strap buttons on a classical is even worth dreaming about so thank you for your extremely useful contribution.

EDIT: Oh and thank you to the other two for your helpfulness
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