Selling a sweet Mesa Cabinet. Its got 2 12" Cel 30 Speakers, 8 Ohms, and 140 Watts. This thing is in absolute MINT Condition. No tears nothing wrong at all. Selling for $400 Firm since they are retailing new right now for around $650.
Its for PICKUP ONLY or I can meet you, but I'm not going through the pain of shipping it, because I'm not desperate to sell, I'm just downsizing in my apartment.
I would also consider a straight up trade for a 30 - 50 Watt Tube Combo, maybe a fender blues jr or hot rod or anything you throw at me that I might want. Not into Crates or Peavy's anymore.
Item is located in 17754 and I'd be willing to drive an hour, maybe two if it helps your trip.