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4 22%
Jackson KVX10
14 78%
Voters: 18.
im thinkin of buying one of these but i cant tell which is better ... mostly playing metal tuff ... ALEXI-200 or Jackson KVX10 ?
Alexi is overpriced and i have heard the 200 is a piece of crap.
Whats your budget? Maybe you could find something better as both of them aren't that amazing
I say get the KVX10 and do a pickup swap
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Of those two, the Jackson is the better choice, but I think a generally better choice for your money would be the Washburn WV40, even though looks kind of awkward.

Schecter Damien V is also good, but it has the thickest neck of the guitars mentioned here. Don't know if you like that or not.
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well i was thinkin of damien special fr too i saw it yesterday .. my budget is around 500-600 € what i care about is a floyd n humbuckers good for metal and if if if possible neck-thru coz the bolt on is hard to play with it on the 24th fret i need smthn good for the high frets too .. cos i do lots of solos ..
I'd say alexi-200. dispite the fact that poeple say it's overpriced, it's neck is awesome.

I throughly enjoy mine.

24th fret is easy to reach....

look up "gundamnitpete" on youtube, I put up a video on me and my alexi-200, hit the 24th regularly.
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The LTD Alexi's don't look that great to me. If you want a piece that's close to the real sig... you'll need to get the ESPs or the Edwards from outside of America.
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what about the schecter hellraiser c-1 FR. is that in your price range? it's got an original floyd rose, and EMG 81/89 with a set neck. neck can be a little on the chunky side but imo it's fine.