Up for sale I've got a mint condition krankenstein the first edition, not the plus. These amps sound very good for a variety of genres. One thing that you must make sure to do with this amp is that the eq will vary with the amount of volume that it is pushing. the louder the better! If you're in a situation where lots of volume isn't a good thing an attenuator is a must have! Also, I can inculde some 6550 tubes along with the 5881s that are currently in it. Looking to trade for various guitars and other heads. Hit me up here or at espguitarman743@hotmail.com

Thanks much,
more pics to come
Hey man, there is not enough physical room in the head to use the 6550 power tubes. Just letting you know so you don't send some tubes that wouldn't even fit in the amp.
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Awww, that tiny wittle head looks adorable on that cab..

*Krank amp turns on*