Every so often I make a thread here but never get any replies, no musicians live near this area!

Right, I'm from Burton-On-Trent, I'm a guitarist (I lean towards lead, but I'm a decent all-rounder), I'm only just 17, so I'm not able to transport myself but my dads a courier driver (meaning a van, so gig transport would be fairly easy) so I could get to other places if needed. I don't want to go as far as Birmingham, because it's a pretty big city! But I could go nearly enough anyway in East Staffordshire kind of area, or some places in Derbyshire (Burton's on the border of Staffs and Derby).

I really don't mind what style is played, I'm very versatile.
Though I'm probably best at:
Anything blues based (especially bluesrock and bluesy metal, so stuff like Rory Gallagher, The Allman Brothers, the rockier Zappa stuff, Black Sabbath, etc. But I'm also a big regular blues fan as well as other blues off-branches)
"Shred" kinda stuff - So stuff like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani.
Metal - Not like, "brutal" metal, but metal as in Megadeth, Van Halen, Racer X, that kinda stuff. However I wouldn't say Metal is my primary genre at all.

Gigs are definately wanted, I know a few venues that would put us on.
Also, if anyone is willing to do a few Rory Gallagher covers (not like as a tribute band, but be willing to cover a few songs) there's a very high chance we could play a festival gig (being perhaps 3 night gigs and 2 day gigs over a weekend.)
(For the Rory covers I'm willing to accept musicians from all over providing I can find practice space, ideally a drummer would have suitable practice space.)

I'm not bothered about age, but it'd be nice to get people between 16 and 30. (I'm not bothered if anyone's over or under this age though, any musician's good to play with )

I can't think of anything else to put.
If anyone's interested, either reply to this or send me a message, but I assume this is pointless and in about 6 months time another thread'll be made :'(