One of my first such large works, it's pretty simple anyway. I don't really know, what genre it fits, but has some kind of progressive feel in places and a huge use of synths, so I think the prog-industrial rock fits best. Tell me, what you think, please .

And C4C, of course
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I'm not gonna lie, I totally came while listening to this. What vocal style were you planning for this?
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What vocal style were you planning for this?

No idea really, I haven't written lyrics yet. But surely neither tenor-ball-breaking stuff, neither growls.
Thanks for commenting on mine sorry I took so long to get back to you...

Another very atmospheric piece. The beginning has a Shine on Crazy Diamond feel to it. Great work with the mixing, working with the warm pad and that smoooth drum beat. I wouldn't have put those final two bars of the guitar solo, a bit shreddy for such a calm beginning, but this is really nitpicking, it's fine.

As the song progresses I discover that ambience, mood and mixing are basically what saves it, because frankly I think it revolves too much around that main riff and its variations, it's a great listen in the beginning but the novelty fades near the end. I sure commend you for variating the main theme often, alternating rockier sections with the really smooth ambient, it's a great sound but I think lacks some more actual content to make it a great song.

The guitar solos were good and melodic, but... it's hard to explain, I was expecting a little more emotional power, I didn't feel too much of it here. Breakdown does its job perfectly, as well as that piano/guitar lead, probably the part that stands out the most after the beginning, being so subtle and thought out, yet emotional as well. Then main riff again to end, by this point I wasn't too happy about it I must say.

Overall. It was a really nice job sound-wise, as mentioned before, awesome mood. Next time around try put some more different musical ideas into it, that's the last (and maybe most important xD) ingredient to make a great song.