So i just exported my song from cubase LE and I had to turn my stereo WAY up just to hear it. You guys know how to help fix this?
One word for you:


All commercial releases have passed in the hands of a capable, professional mastering engineer. This step is crucial to achieve that radio-ready, pro sound. Mastering can get very complex but a few VERY important reasons for mastering are:

to "polish" the final mix
to get some loudness with various, (multi-band) compressors, limiters, etc... <------ this would be, in this case, what you are missing.

THEREFORE it is "normal" that you're final mix was very quiet and good at the same time because that ensures that you would leave a lot of headroom to the mastering engineer.

This being said, you COULD try to do said mastering yourself (but I don't recommend it as it takes very good, trained ears AND a very controlled listening environment)


you could have a 2nd party do it (someone who knows how, namely a professional, etc...).

I would offer my services but I am currently quite busy with various projects and clients. I could do it in a few weeks when I'm less busy if you're still interested. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. Take care and best of luck.
Professional Tracking, Mixing and Mastering available.
Available for live sound, consultation and rig/ system designing in and around the Montreal, CA area.
PM for details.

Past clients/ credits include: The Catalyst, Click! and Alain Caron.
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