i have no idea about ratios which would be better 14:1 or 18:1 for more precise tuning?

Thanks guys
14:1 would be more presice
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Higher number the better.

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18:1 because 18 is the number of times you turn the tuner to turn the string once. So the higher the number, the more precise it will be.
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Absent gots it, of course... 18 turns on the knob translates to one turn on the post.
Also if the string slips it won't go out of tune as much as if it were 14:1.
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Also if the string slips it won't go out of tune as much as if it were 14:1.
erm ... no.

However much the string slips on the peg is how much it goes out of tune.
That has nothing to the gear ratio of the key to the peg.
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18:1 is better, but Grovers aren't the best tuners out there - they're definitely good, but not the best.
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