Assuming you actually like your amp?
Not many songs have a change of tone in them.
I hear this is not often done though.
No. All my distortions I get from my pedals, having to walk over to my one-channel amp every song to change the volumes would be annoying to no end. Also wah.

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All I need is my cranked Fender amp and I'm good.
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Well, sure...provided I can have my foot controller. Hooray for modeling amps
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nothing tops a cranked british amp, hence my tone comes from the cranked british amp no pedals
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I normally do, I use very few pedals at all, the most I will use live is my ISP Decimator and maybe a delay
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I just use a channel selector when I play. No pedals. Wouldn't mind some, but I certainly don't need them to get my desired tone
Depends if the amp has reverb or not, and if I get a footswitch to change channels on the amp
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used to 3-4 times a week, i`m trying to formulate a steve vai tribute band-similar to the breed (i know i`m using a VK but the carvin legacy 2 is a couple of months away ) atm and would be kinda lost without the effects. (in fact i can only think of one song that i/he doesn`t use any fx on.
I thought I was going to use a lot of effects, so I got the GT-10 while I was figuring out which amp to get. Once I got it, I realize that I don't really need effects except for delay once in a blue moon. I don't even really use clean settings, I just roll the volume down. Now that I picked an amp, I may just get rid of the GT-10. I'll probably keep it just in case though.
I don't gig a whole lot any,ore but when I do I have my Line 6 so I have no need for pedals except my wah and I always have that no matter what. Everything I could need a pedal for is built into my Line 6. When I used to gig with my Marshall JMC100 I had a ton of pedals including a distortion.

If I were a successful recording and touring musician...

Then yes, I would. Well, more likely rack FX with some sort of system but hey.

If I just had enough money...

Yes still. Why the hell not?
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I use an octave pedal, so it would be pretty immposible.

If I was jammin' metallica songs then yeah.
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Yah I think I could as long as a footswitch doesnt count as a pedal... But one of our songs would automatically be omitted cause it doesnt sound the same with out the delay...

If I had a single channel amp that was uber responsive to dynamics and my on guitar volume pot then I would do one without a footswitcht... I've actually been looking into amps like that...
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well first off, when I'm playing Jazz I absolutely go without pedals every time. unless I want some reverb, in which case that is the only pedal I'd use ^.^

then it depends on what I'm doing.

if I had, say, a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (which I'm looking into getting one fairly soon), then for what I'll be using it for, chances are I wont have any pedals along with it.

if I'm playing more bluesy/hard rock kind of stuff, then I have no choice but ot use pedals with the rig I have (not that it's many pedals. a reverb, an overdrive and a distortion.... maybe a delay if I feel like being fancy)
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Pedals are more convenient than waltzing over to the amp to change settings. Plus you can change tone during the song if it is needed.

Most of my gigs are small coffee house shows where i just use my Micro Cube and the volume knob on my strat. Big ones though, no, my Mesa's built in reverb isn't for me, so i'd at least need my reverb pedal.
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