What would be the best way to go about it? I am looking for something really sequential, and easy to put into context. I think its bs when a "jazz instruction book" is just pages of chords with no context to put them into, or not presented in a logical order. I also can't afford a teacher right now, and find most (not all) jazz teachers to be condescending, and they also have a tendency to "hide the cookie" so to speak, and not teach in a clear, concise manor.

Thats a good place. Mostly good for learning about jazz as a genre, but alot of the information you need about the chords etc, are right here on UG.

I also suggest musictheory.net, because for jazz, you are definitely gonna need to know reading, if you dont already know.
I know how to read, my sight reading (for single notes) on guitar is rather poor. I pretty good at reading the chord stuff and comping along with it on sight, but I suck at single notes. I think that single note sight reading is somewhat unintuitive on the guitar. I have been playing sax for about three months, but could sight read on that better in my first day! I'm really interested to check out both those sights though, thanks!
If you are not a complete beginner to guitar I'd recommend Jody Fisher's Jazz Guitar series. There is a Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced book as was as a Chord-Melody book. You'll find google previews of the first two books below.