Lyrics for the first song on the album my band is working on. It's a concept album, based around a baron from the 14th century who tries to gain eternal life through necromancy. It's just one verse, then chorus, solo, and then the chorus repeats. The style of the music is Melodic/Blackened Death Metal with a smidge of Grindcore, haha. C4C.


Septicimic plague it threatens me,
This bane on mortal life,
Spread through wretched streets of damned,
Carried on the backs of deaths ranks,

Corpses line the roads to hell,
Of which I have no fear,
This blackened world sneers at me,
Abaddon's ready here.


I shall live,
I shall breathe,
This beggars disease,
Won't be the end of me.

I shall live,
I shall breathe,
This peasants curse,
Shan't befoul me.

Down with the beggars in a paupers grave,
Your wretched affliction can not be the end of me,
For I am more than man!
More than man!