So I was looking at the Valveking 212 Combo amp ( http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-ValveKing-212-Combo-Amp?sku=481443 ) and was wondering if it was possible to unplug one of the two speakers temporarily, so the amp wouldn't have to be so loud, but then at a gig or something, plugging it back in for the extra speaker/volume...

Is this possible? Or would it hurt the amp somehow?

Then again, I'm not even sure if unplugging the speakers is possible, I just got the idea from my current amp that has a cable running from the outside of the speaker up into the thing with all the controls.
It's not possible, because you'd have an impedance mismatch, which would likely kill the amp's output transformer and possibly fry other internal components.

If you do end up going for the Valveking series, get a used 112 - much better value for money and less expensive to mod.
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Doesn't really matter regarding volume level. Unless you're driving it really freaking hard, 2 speakers will be just as loud as 1 as you have the same wattage present. It'll sound different certainly, but not really any quieter. Better to get an attenuator or something.
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