I have noticed that when I listen to a song I either like it the first time I hear it or I listen to it multiple times and then I start to like it. For example the song polaris by the human abstract, when I first heard it I loved it. But sometimes I listen to a song and I don't like it the first time but I eventually start to like it after hearing it a lot, for example when I bought the Death Magnetic album by Metallica, I listened all the way through the album and I didn't like 1 song. Then when I started to listen to the album again I started to like some of the songs.

Has this happened to anyone else and do you know why this happens?
In my opinion the best music is the music that grows on you with time.
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This is how I got so into death metal. The combination of Opeth's clean vocals and death metal made me want to spice up my taste. So I listened to Necrophagist... didn't like the vocals at first, but I thought everything else was amazing. Then I heard the guitarist of Dying Fetus do gutterals and I was like eh... Turns out I end up loving it and I'm seeing them live for the 2nd time in December, lol.

It's happened to me a lot. This is why I think people should be more open-minded. The Metallica fan boy/Megadeth haters?

Anyway, a long time ago I only listened to a few bands and just said everything else sucked.. Yeah, I know i was a dumbass. But now I try to listen to all qualities of the music before just passing it aside. Sometimes I wonder, "Why do people like this music?" but I usually just remain neutral with it if I don't like it instead of just bombing it like all of these youtube asses.
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This is true.
Yeah I had the same thing happen! I bought Death Magnetic and thought it was worthless until i listened a couple more times and I started to love it. Some songs are like that, they get better every time you listen.
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This isn't a musical technique. Sounds like it's better for the pit.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.