I have my mind made up to buy a new Mesa Road King II head. I am just not sure which speaker cabinet to buy for it. I have heard different opinions on what to pair up with the Road King. The three cabs I am trying to decide between are the Mesa 4x12 Road King cab (the one that is half closed back/half open back), the Mesa 4x12 Standard Recto cab, or a Bogner oversized 2x12. I have heard great things about all of these cabs, now I just have to decide which one to go with. None of the music stores within driving distance of me stock the Road King head or the cabs to where I can go and compare them. I have only heard them on youtube. Any suggestions or opinions out there? Thanks.
I like the Road king cab. Especially if you only are going to use one cab. And use the cabinet switching on the Road king. The open back half is great for cleans.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.