Anyone know any good Spanish/Flamenco Guitar Youtube lessons on youtube? I understand the Concept of the styles, but I need more Information on how to do Flamenco picking, such as with the finger fluttering and stuff.

Any Youtube lessons teaching the Finger Flutter/Picking motion?

Also, I could use some songs to practice for Spanish Guitar in general, I can fingerpick very well, and have experience in playing Rythym and lead at the same time. If you could give me some good Accomplishable songs (Im working on Asturias), then a Very Very difficult One, for pushing myself, that would be great.

And anything along the subject of Tips about the technique would be appreciated.

Im about to start working on Moonlight Sonata, and Bwv 977 By Bach soon too, so Ill post the results...
when you say moonlight sonata do you mean the third movement? thats impossible im pretty sure. not many pianists can play it(perfectly that is) so i dont think any guitarists can play it, that i know of.

also here is a common chord progression for flamenco in Am(sorry if you know it already)


i like to play it open Amin then go to a G barre F barre and E barre on the A string

so like this

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Tried Moonlight sonata, was able to play the First 30 seconds or so without any problems, but the only real problem through the whole song would be perhaps the quick chord switches.

BWV 997 was a bit harder, But I got some bars of it done, although It needs alot of work.